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Gratitutes & Breakthroughs

Each week we will share our gratitudes as well as breakthroughs so we can grow not only individually but as a community and sisterhood. 


Meditation brings us closer to our divine Self. It is PURE connection. 

Ashlee will guide a meditations within the LIVE yoga broadcast. Meditation and Yoga go hand in hand as we learn to honor our minds and bodies, we can then continue our journey to know our Spirit. 


Oracle card pull

Each week, Ashlee will pull an oracle card that will give the message for our sacred women's circle. As we grow our bond our collective energy will grow and expand as well. Allowing for each card pull to go deeper and deeper into what each sister might be growing through.


wisdom Question

Each week we will be asked a Wisdom Question. This will be used to dissect our psyche's and clear out any sort of toxic emotion or feeling we no longer need. Each sister can choose to share her answer, or simply use this as a template for her personal journey to Self. 




The Babe cave

A virtual space for a circle of women to work on themselves from the inside out with their minds, bodies, and spirits.

"If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

You will be added to our Secret Facebook Group as you sign up! 

See you soon sister. xo