Oracle Meditation

Are you wondering what the next step may be in life?

Are you wondering the answer to a question?

Are you wanting a sign?

Come explore your inner psyche and soul as Ashlee Ray provides an oracle card pull and reading. Then she will intuitively channel words of wisdom and guide you through a meditation. This is different for everybody.  



First, Ashlee will guide a short grounding breathing exercise and meditation. Grounding is extremely important when doing any psyche or soul work. We are electric magnetic beings. Very similar to the electricity in homes, we must be grounded in order to function properly. 

Oracle Reading

Ashlee has been practicing with oracle cards as long as she can remember, and is a practice that she holds dear to her heart. Her cards have cultivated more intuitive energy throughout the years, and the the connection with Ashlee and her cards is sealed. 



Guided Meditation

As the oracle as the foundation, Ashlee will channel more of the message through a guided meditation. This meditation will be individual and different for every session. No two sessions are the same! 

You will be redirected to calendar after payment is received. 

I look forward to growing with you. See you soon.