My virtual community is off the chains! After diving deep into my spiritual practices, I had the dream of opening a studio of some sort. After trials and obstacles and lesson after lesson, I decided that a physical studio wasn't in my cards for this life. Why?

Because I simply have a HUGE responsibility towards my babies. My almost 2 year old son is my world, and my little peanut that grows within my womb is cradling some sort of feminine empowerment that I have been longing for. 

#TheZenDen "opened" and was created when I wanted to build a tribe. I knew I wasn't alone in feeling alone. I knew I wasn't alone in the on-going process of the practice of Self love. I knew I wasn't alone being a stay at home mom with the kiddos and having a dream to be bigger and better than cherios and Lightning McQueen. (No offense to either of those. I love my cereal, and Cars 3 is one of my favs!) 

I planted a seed knowing that if I took the time to share my stories and experiences based around acceptance and truly loving yourself, even the parts you don't like...that others would resonate, and others would come together to offer more support.