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Benefits of meditation?

Research shows that a daily practice of meditation produces benefits such as:

*Reduced stress, anxiety and fatigue.                 *Improved concentration, focus and memory.   *Increased energy and resilience.                       *Improved creative intelligence and motivation.    *Ability to make high-speed accurate decisions.    *Ability to stay calm under pressure.        *Strengthening the immune system.           *Normalization of blood pressure & cholesterol *Improved sleep & relief from insomnia          *Reduction of addictive behaviors                    *Improved sports performance.                               *Relief from asthma and allergy symptoms.       *Improved relationship with self & others.         *Improved parenting.                                         *Improved sexual relation that is healthy & natural.       *A greater sense of wellbeing and happiness

Why Meditate?

Why not?  No seriously.  

Have you thought about what it might be like to live in your fullest human potential?  Close your eyes, and think about the best version of YOU. Meditation allows for one to begin to connect with our fullest mental potential. 

"When an individual is able to achieve optimal amount of rest through meditation it creates a mind and body to be stress free.  When we are stress free sky's the limit.  We begin to experience more clarity, intuition, creativity, energy, adaptation, wellness, etc.  When we meditate our consciousness expands while our body rests." says meditation expert Yashoda Devi Ma

Essentially we are contributing our piece of the pie towards the movement of love and kindness by learning how to rejuvenate, revitalize and simply pause in this race we are all in. 


What does one experience?

The restfulness acquired within meditation is considerably deeper than that gained by sleeping and quite honestly who doesn't want to feel fully rested?  When the body achieves this profound rest it allows for deep-rooted stresses to dissolve naturally bringing innumerable health benefits to the individual.  As you know we live in a world of high demand so who isn't looking for a way to manage their stress? 


And, if you are not, you probably should.  87% of all disease sources from stress which means most diseases are preventable by relieving stress from the body.  The intregration of bliss consciousness and deeper levels of rest with one's dynamic daily activity allows the meditator to become less stressed, more creative, more productive and more adaptable to the demands of life.