We are the Media!


It takes a certain type of vulnerability to share your pain and struggles. We have been taught to hide or mask our emotions but the reality is being human sometimes sucks. There. I said it. It's not all love, rainbows and sun shines. No, sometimes it's just plain shitty. 

The emotions that come up, regardless of our age, can be challenging to go through. Telling my son "It's OK. You're fine" when he cries is teaching him to mask his emotions. Is it our job as parents to pretend that everything is OK? To pretend we don't have any emotions when really we just want to curl up in a steaming hot shower and sob until you can't sob any more. Sometimes, we're not OK. Sometimes all we need is a little support, a little nudge from someone who understands. I'm not saying go be an emotional wreck and never sweep up your feelings, what  I'm saying is, it's OK to FEEL the emotions that arise. It's also OK to create that support for your child. 

When we start to experience each emotion and meet it dead in the eyes rather than always giving it the cold shoulder, it becomes easier and easier. What's more easy is having a supportive significant other who has open ears to hear all of your cray cray. (To my husband, I love you dearly for the open ears you have given me. Sorry..but not sorry.) 

We all have emotions. We all go through different pains and gains. We all go through the same damn cycles of life. It starts with conception then birth then comes childhood, into adolescence, carrying into maturity, then we age until death. Depending on your beliefs this may or may not repeat. Just as the cycles of life, we all have similar emotions that we go through, it's apart of being human. And guys, that's OK. What's not OK, is pretending to the whole world that you don't have emotions. 

So, as we scroll, as we glance at people passing by...let's not be so quick to judge and think we know. Behind the scenes may look entirely different. If we all took a step back, and realized that we are all walking eachother "home", then maybe we would give each other the time and support we all needed. 

Lifting each other up. 

The other day, I was having a conversation with a friend about negative and often-times, frightening stories that are shown throughout the mainstream media. Both of us commented on how those negative stories, while they may be important, have a huge impact on the whole world's vibration. We are in control of so much of the content that is put out into the world. In that sense, we have the power to shift the conversation to a more positive place. Although we still rely on journalist and TV producers to be messengers for the headlines in the news, as bloggers, tweeters, Facebook and Instagram junkies, we are equally as powerful. 


We are the journalist. Maybe you have never really thought of yourself that way, but if you have a Facebook or twitter account, you are the media. At your fingertips is a tool more powerful than you may have recognized. With this power however, comes great responsibility. Let's take ownership of this responsibility and spread ripples of love and kindness throughout humanity. 

This is our city. These are our people. What are ways we can change our judgement to others for appreciating our differences? If you want your heart cracked open and your mind modified then watch this video. It makes me want to DO GOOD. You can follow this incredible journey that Leon Logothetis has taken that has relied strictly on human kindness. Here, I show you a brief moment of what kindness to each other can bring in The Kindness Diaries. 

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