Scared of the Sounds of Silence?

Wake up with a grateful heart.
When we have gratitude within our hearts, we actually LIVE in that way. We set a certain vibration for how we experience this human life. We see things from our hearts eyes rather than our egos eyes. 

Often times it takes us discipline to succeed towards our next goal, our next chapter, our next stepping stone in our pathway. 

Take evaluation of your life. 
What is serving you and your highest good? 
What isn’t? 

Don’t be afraid to walk away from that that is no longer serving you. We must remember our inner strength when walking away. 

Inhale. “I got this” 
Exhale. “..and I let that shit go” 

We must take time to evaluate our lives. Otherwise we get caught up in the never ending cycle that is living this life in a small way. 

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE having my morning “routines”, but we simply can’t build up an attachment to it. What happens when we have been listening to music for our meditation for years and then all of music. Do you freak out? 

Take the time to practice other methods of mindfulness/meditation. We have SO many tools available to us. Let us dive deep into all of them. They will all serve a purpose at one time or another. Perhaps you like music, that’s fine to listen to music during meditation...but throw in a silent meditation here and there. 

We shouldn’t always cover up silence. Silence is where the true alchemy lives. When we are always running from silence, whether it be our attention to outside sounds, or the thoughts in our head...there seems to always be noise. Then, when we sit to meditate, we cover up this possibility of being with silence with music or another voice. It’s as though we are scared of the sounds of nothing. We are nervous and fearful of silence. 

I dare you to try it. 

Sit. Breathe. And be with silence. 
Don’t try and run away, don’t try and move to the next thing. Just sit with silence. 

When we move closer and closer towards that inner silence, we become less and less of the “somebody” that they want us to be...
And more and more of who we truly are. 

Embrace yourself. 
Be grateful for yourself. 

You have been through a whole heck of a lot, and you are still here, rockin’ it. 

I’m proud of you friend! 

Ashlee Ray

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