How Can I Love Myself More?


It isn’t... 
“how can I love myself more”? 
It is simply...
“how can I allow myself more?”

We have become so attached to other people’s approvals to mold who we are today. Rather than allowing and accepting the differences, we at often times turn to judgment. 

When we go into a beautiful forest full of trees, we allow and accept. This tree is tall. This tree is short. This one fat. This one small. We don’t attach ourselves to it. (Unless we are in the lumber business) We just simply allow it. We see it’s beauty just as it is. 

The moment we get back with humans, we somehow loose that. We immediately turn to “better than/worse than” or “not good enough”. We immediately turn towards judgement. This goes with others as well as ourself. 

Let’s ALL practice being like trees. Let’s ALL practice living in the state of acceptance. Allow, accept, and appreciate yourself just as you are...right here, right now. Then we can watch this acceptance ripple into the rest of our lives. 

So now friends, let’s ask ourselves...
“How can I accept myself more today?”


Ashlee <3

Ashlee RayComment