Waiting for a Train..

Movement & Meditation (1)

I seem to be sitting at the airport waiting for a train.

You see, when I sat down and became quiet the whispers of truth became clear. It’s like tuning into a radio station. You hear the sticky, static, fuzz until you get a clear connection.

The journey to seek truth belongs to everyone. I can’t put a price on that journey nor can I charge someone for such an experience full of depth. I have been focusing on the energy of money, which comes from my head..rather than focusing on supporting my brothers and sisters, which comes from the heart, the soul.

Some of the ways we can come closer to truth is through meditation, movement, and through community gatherings. Coming together reminds us that we are all supported in where we are here and now. We can continue to expand the evolution of seeing ourselves in others.

A quote that still rings TRUTH in my heart comes from Brendon Burchard.

“Why, having been endowed with the courageous heart of a lion, do we live as mice?”

So, I ask you this…

If money and fear were in no way, shape, or form apart of this life, what would you be doing?

Let’s not be ignorant and get caught up in these mindless routines we become addicted to. Always moving to the next moment, the next conversation, the next stop. Perhaps trying to become something better, become something different. Give that mindless routine an alternative. We CAN reprogram the way our minds think which expand to our daily actions. Rather than becoming..just be.

As I mentioned before I cannot charge for this journey to seek truth, however, I will accept donations for the cause. (cash & credit) Those who have signed up for my workshop before this change was made, will be refunded. I am beyond grateful for all of the connections we make in this life. Looking forward to connecting with YOU! Be sure to sign up still, as there IS limited space.

From my heart to yours, SO much love. ❤


One of my recent lessons was learning how to surrender. To trust that the universe has your back purposes to become raw and vulnerable. The lesson for me has been an ongoing dance for many years. Trusting that the universe has your best intentions from the heart can be challenging yet thrilling at the same time. It’s like taking a jump off a cliff into waters far below and trusting the waters will be warm and welcoming as oppose to cold and rocky.

It’s Trust.

It’s surrender.

A few days ago a dearest friend said to me “The universe will give you exactly what you need” as she drove off in her jeep. Yes. Yes, it will. I have put my intentions out into the ether to soak up and manifest. So here we are. The day after the Solar Eclipse of 2017.

I have had the urge to step back into my healing career path and journey since I have had my son 8 months ago. In the past decade I have REALLY dove into the healing practices of yoga and meditation. Having experienced many meditation workshops with my teachers from all over, being certified in yoga as well as reiki, and learning the lessons that I have learned…it would be against my heart to NOT share. One of my teacher’s explains there isn’t a chain of students, rather a chain of teachers. Every ‘guru’ has a guru.

With that being said, it brings me so much joy to announce that I will be starting to teach yoga and meditation classes, workshops, and offering reiki healing sessions. Our awareness to the divine LOVE is a gift to humanity. The gift of YOU. Yoga, meditation, chanting, and reiki are all different techniques to break down the ignorant walls of the ego, and fly free in the space that is LOVE.

Stay tuned and stay in love.

Holy Shift!


We are called the human race because we are constantly racing around to the next thought, the next experience, the next conversation…But may I say holy SHIFT, there has been a serious shift to the way we are living our subconscious lives.

Is our disconnect in this world now a connect to the world wide web? Do we take the moments we have for our self to unplug, and plug into someone else’s life via social media?

Being a new mother I find that the biggest lesson that has surfaced has been trying to find time for myself, and my self study. Silly as it sounds, when I evaluated a few of my days, I learned that I did that exact same thing. Rather than take a moment to sit down in meditation or move my body through yoga poses, I would jump onto Instagram or Facebook and start to scroll. I like to call it the new aged yoga for the thumb, scrolling up and down.

Let’s face it, since the early 70’s technology is apart of our lives now. Wayne Dyer was associated with PBS television because it is educational. “You manifest what you become as a human being, and this program is about teaching you to become the highest-consciousness Being that you can be.” says Dyer. If we are going to take time out of our days to “scroll” or log in, let’s use this “technology” or “programming” to raise our consciousness.

What if we took the time we took to “scroll” and simply closed our eyes and connected. I think it may be a slight bit of re-prioritizing how you want the story of your life to be. We are a product of our own thoughts. We create our OWN story. We are the authors of our books, the painters of our paintings and the dancers of our dance. Let’s take time to connect to who we TRULY are to express the truest and best gift of all…the gift of YOU.

We can do this by logging off, unplugging from the race we are apart of, and just be.
If you feel called to turn on the television, or open the social media doors, then do remember that life is a choice. We can choose what we view, what our psyche eats. Nourish your mind and body by learning. Find a meditation. Find a heart opening story. Watch a documentary. It’s like telling a seed not to grow into what it’s meant to be. If we follow the same patterns, we will continue to be in the same place. Water your seed. Care for yourSelf, and ALL of yourSelf…your mind, your body, AND your sweet heart.

As the seed to Little Mommy Big Heart grows and expands, I feel called to share my teachings with all of YOU. As I grow and expand in my own practice, I want to share guided meditations and yoga classes with you ALL ONLINE. Please be sure to stay connected!

Sat Nam! ❤






“Today you are YOU. That is truer than true.

There is no one alive that is YOUER than you”

-Dr. Seuss

My sweet husband came home from work today and said he wanted to do a short yoga class in the living room while asking me “Is this the best ME, I want to be?” I immediately gave him a high five because earlier today I too was contemplating similar thoughts. We are eerily connected at times which is part of the reason I love him so much. We looked at older photos from when we first got together, and my oh my, have we grown! Not to toot our own horn or anything but it is nice to look back and see where we were and the growth we went through to get to where we are today.  Acknowledging and loving the growth that happened, what was let go,  what was kept…Lessons that we learned then and the lessons that we are learning now. I love to talk about the AMAZING times that we have had but it would be remiss for me to exclude the not so good times and not share them. I share the good, why cant I share the bad? Something about society now has made us believe that having negative moments with connotations such as  bad , sad, pain, guilt, or shame should be kept secret.   However, feeling these emotions and feelings are just as much apart of us as the good high vibrated feelings. I don’t feel people should judge one another if we choose to share the RAW rough patches of the woven basket, for each strand is a story, a story of growth, whether good or bad it made you who you are today. BeYOUtiFULL.
So when we close our eyes and think about the very best version of ourselves…who that can possibly be, and if we can ever get there…..well guess what? THAT IS WHO WE TRULY ARE! Take a moment, close your eyes and activate the BEAUTIFUL divine Self within.



Love gives you a crazy kind of bravery


The moment I walked into the hospital doors, I intuitively knew I was going to meet my son. The son that my physical magical body had been manifesting for the previous 9 months.  So many emotions ran through me that day. All I could do was breathe. A new kind of bravery took over. And from that day forward, I have never been the same.


                                                *                             *                             *                             *


Being brave can range widely depending on who you are talking to. Being brave for me has never meant the same ever since I became a mother.  My son makes me experience a new and crazy kind of bravery. The kind of bravery where I actually have to face my fears of wasps and spiders. The kind of bravery where I have to accept myself for who I have been, so I can love who I am going to be.


Being brave to me is allowing your truest and fullest potential to come to surface while we bring out AUTHENTICALLY who we are…not giving a damn what others think of us.


Being brave is facing fear right in the eyes and knowing you are rooted with wisdom from all the teachings everywhere!!


Being brave is fully surrendering to TRUST. Trusting that higher force that holds many names. The light, the Spirit, the Soul, the Universe, the Cosmos…etc.


Being brave is not taking life TOO seriously. We are meant to LIVE life with light heart and giggle daily.


Being brave is being vulnerable.


Being brave is being ok with being YOU. 


‘Fear’ Is A Bitch If I Let It Take Charge


I sit here and ponder the same thought over and over again. “How do I start a blog?”  I truly believe all writers in any fashion go through this roadblock.  Whether it be starting a book,  blog or an article…all writers begin right here…where I am…questioning, “What the hell do I write about for my very first blog?  How do I begin?”

Why does anyone start a blog? To share and express a piece of themselves authentically through writing.  Writing to me is medicinal.  It helps me move through anything I am going through in life. The good, the bad, and everything in between, writing helps me look at life through a different lens. That certain “lens” some people might call your intuition, your Soul, your Spirit, or who you TRULY are.  When I begin to write, this lens clears up some of my egotistical visions that I attach myself too. It clears up my narrow driven mind that is set on how life should be, rather than accepting life as it is.  It clears the cobwebs and opens my perception to different views.

I have been writing and journaling for years. I post some of my pieces here and there but mainly I have written everything for myself and my Self discovery.  The more I thought about it the more I wanted to begin a blog, sharing my authenticity through writing with the world. Although, something about that thought invited fear to come hang out.  I started a website and it’s been sitting there empty because I have let fear take the lead.

I know I’m not alone when I speak about fear. Fear is such a bitch if I let it take charge. I know I won’t live my life FULLY if fear has any role in what goes on.  From my lessons in the past, I know that the first step is ALWAYS the hardest.  It takes a leap of faith and honestly it is hard to trust yourself completely at times.

So I decided to take that step, right here and right now, to start my blog. Here, I will begin to unfold my truths and deceptions while becoming  vulnerable to the world as I tell fear to simmer down.  I will share my laughs, my tears, and my adventures of my life with you and the world around us.

Let the chronicles of this little mommy with a big heart begin.